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Custom Stringing

At Lacrosse Nashville we string twelve styles of pockets with unlimited variations of each. Customize your pocket to match your schools colors or design your own. These are the main twelve pockets:

Mesh Pockets

Ideal for middies of all ages
Low pocket - great for ball carry
Nice channel due to top wall

Ole Faithful
Ideal for middies
Low pocket - great for ball carry
Similar to California pocket
Requires full follow through on shots

Ideal for middies and attack
Mid pocket with a great channel
Quick release for attack
Great hold for middie

Ideal for attack
Quick release of high pocket
Great hold of a low pocket
Meant as secondary stick dues to top nylons

3 High
Ideal for attack or anyone seeking a quick shot
High pocket with a quick release
Not too much ball hold

The Bag
Ideal for D-Poles
Ton of ball hold - barely legal
Mid pocket with slow release

3 Low
Ideal for D-Poles
Low pocket with longer release

Ideal for attack of all ages
Quick release
Great for getting a quick pass off in a tight space
Not too much ball hold

Leather Pockets

Ideal for experienced players
Hold ball very well
Meant as a secondary stick
Not advised for weather due to leather

Normal Twisty
Ideal for experienced players
Similar to traditional
Aggressive channel for excellent ball hold
Mean as secondary stick

Wide Twisty
Ideal for experienced players
Similar to Traditional
Nice channel for a good ball hold
Mean for secondary stick

Rocket Pocket
Ideal for experienced attack players
Awesome shot with high pocket
Meant as a secondary stick due to leathers
Requires adjustment due to nylons

Goalie Pockets

The Sac
Huge low pocket
Slower release
Almost no rebound

The Satchel
High pocket
Quick release
More likely to give up a rebound

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